The problem with Facebook …

Facebook has 350 million users. Every business or non-profit organization should be on Facebook. That’s the social media mantra.

The question is – how much time should you be devoting to Facebook?

Facebook does have a huge number of users and page views, but the trouble is getting those users to engage with your brand. This is made difficult by two things — most of the 350 million people on Facebook are on there not to connect with your brand but to connect with friends and family.

The other issue with Facebook is that as soon as you think you’ve got things figured out, Facebook seems to find a way to screw things up. Recently, Facebook has announced that they are changing the width of the tabs. This means that people that have invested money into custom tab pages are going to have to re-do that work to match the new tab size. This isn’t the first Facebook redesign, and given Facebook’s history it won’t be the last. It’s problematic to rely on any one tool that you don’t have control over.