What I Learned in 2009


I joined Twitter back in June / July 2008. I think someone mentioned it on Facebook, and I set up an account. I was already a bit obsessed with Facebook at the time and didn’t see the added value of adding Twitter to my online repertoire. That all changed at the NTEN NTC 2009 conference in April. I started following people on Twitter that were at the conference and in sessions that I wasn’t in, and I was hooked. Since then, I’ve averaged about 1,000 posts a month. I participate in several tweetchats a week, and I really enjoy Twitter.

My career:

I’ve always enjoyed online marketing, and it’s been a part of my job ever since I started in online communications back in 1995. Graphically, the website that I helped create and build for OncorMed would be a joke, but the information we provided on the site and what we were trying to do with it was awesome. The past couple of months in 2009 I really realized that me trying to be a “generalist” is silly. I love online marketing. I love social networking, social media, etc. and I feel that I can provide real value to a company or non-profit organization using online marketing, email marketing and social networking to grow their business. So, those are the types of jobs I’m looking for now and I’m excited for what 2010 will bring.

Utah / San Francisco Bay Area:

There are many reasons why I would love to be in Utah – and specifically the Salt Lake City area. My main issue with that area is the winter weather. While I was out there visiting at the end of 2009, I felt trapped inside by the cold weather and the ice / snow. If one of my main goals is to be more social and get out of my house more, why do I want to move to a place where I will feel trapped in my house several months out of the year? Still trying to figure that one out.