@Replies and @Mentions and RTs

A couple of days ago, I wrote a blog post about whether or not responding to blog comments should be an all or nothing proposition.

It raises a similar question about @replies and @mentions/RTs.

What is your policy about responding to @replies and/or thanking people who RT your posts.

Personally, I try to respond to anyone who sends me a reply. It’s not many, but I do try to keep up.

When it comes to RTs, I have a mixed way of handling them. If I RT a post and then someone RTs me, I generally do not thank them. I may start up a convo with them and ask them what they found interesting (or check to see if they left a comment on the blog), but I feel that it’s the responsibility of the original author to thank the person. It’s their work they are promoting.If someone RTs something I said, I do try to thank them … although I will say that I am absolutely horrible about this after one of the many Tweetchats I participate in.

When it comes to other people, unless their a “celebrity” with hundreds / thousands of followers, I do find it rude if someone doesn’t thank me for an RT of their post. I’m not expecting someone whose post gets RT’ed thousands of times a day to thank me for that. It’s always completely awesome when something like that does happen, but I don’t expect it. However, if you’re trying to build that type of community and you’re not thanking people who RT your posts, you’re missing out.

  • “I do find it rude if someone doesn’t thank me for an RT of their post.”

    I feel sorry for you. You’re going to be offended a lot.
    I RT because I liked something. I don’t do it to be thanked.

    • To me, there is a difference between finding something rude and being offended by something. I do RT things that I like, and that I find interesting. I don’t do it to be thanked. But, I think it’s important that you thank those that RT your stuff. It builds community, and I know that I’m more likely to RT somebody if they’ve thanked me vs. if they haven’t.