Should Replying to Comments on Your Blog be an All or Nothing Affair

Most top bloggers – especially those that are also active on other social networks – consider commenting on their own blog post an important part of the blogging process. I’ve heard it said more than once that they strive to be the person with the most comments.

But, earlier today, I was reading a blog by a fairly popular blogger. To be fair, the blog has been retweeted over 4000 times and has over 100 comments. The thing that struck me is that the author had only replied to a handful of comments. There doesn’t seem to be any clear pattern to the comments he responded to (some are people you can tell he knows from face to face meetings, some are potential business, some are just random).

It caused me to think, though. If I were to comment and then go back to his blog and see that he didn’t respond to me, but he did respond to the person ahead of me, would that make me think any differently of the author?

It also goes back to people who respond to some @mentions on Twitter and ignore others. But, that’s probably another blog.