Why You Should Hire Me

“Sue Anne is a highly organized, very productive marcom professional. She delivers high quality work very efficiently, is very intuitive about concepts and technology, and has a fantastic attitude.”
– Keith Higgins, former VP of Marketing at Copper Mountain Networks

Twitter: @Sue_Anne; LinkedIn: Profile

  1. I believe in the power of “public” relations — it’s about blogger relations, word of mouth marketing, online advertising, and communicating more directly with the public than ever before. In the past, most communication between a company and its customers required an intermediary. Today, with the use of Twitter, Facebook and other Web 2.0 tools, customers are talking about your company and are ready to hear from you directly. I understand the power of these tools and how to use them to bring customers into the pipeline and move them through the sales cycle.
  2. Past success is the best indicator for future success. I have excellent references from former supervisors, coworkers and vendors.
  3. I have a strong track record of successful integrated marketing programs — collateral, direct mail, email marketing, web pages and Web 2.0.
  4. I love working in tech. Whether it’s biotech, like my job at Oncormed, or high-tech, like the work that I did with Copper Mountain Networks, I’m able to translate complex technical data into sales tools that produce results.
  5. I have a strong attention to detail. While I like to write, I love to proofread and edit.
  6. I’m ready to jump back into high-tech. After riding the dotcom bubble, I need to step away from tech and spent two years at a property management company and another two years working for a non-profit. I’m now ready to get back to what I’m passionate about and bring my integrated marketing skills to your high-tech company.

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Additional references and a portfolio review are available on request.

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