#blogchat Recap – Using Twitter to Promote your Blog – 5/23/10

The #blogchat topic on 5/23/10 was how to use Twitter to promote your blog. The topic was largely inspired by Mack Collier‘s experiment from the previous week on how increasing his engagement on Twitter increased his number of followers, increased the page views on his blog, and increased the number of subscribers to his blog. For Mack, who uses his blog to promote his consulting business, those increased blog subscribers will ideally lead to more business. For more information on Mack’s experience, read the post on his blog – “How Twitter increased my blog’s traffic by 300% in one week“.

Hot topics:

  1. How often should you post a link to Twitter about a new blog post? There seemed to be consensus that posting the link only once a day was not often enough. And, there was some disagreement about how many links is too many.
    • 3-4 times a day at different times seemed to be a good number without followers feeling like they were being bombarded.
    • One important item mentioned was to vary the wording of the tweets. One might be the posts headline, another might be a quote, and another might be some type of provocative statement.
      • @sarahmaeblogs: Be creative with how you tweet your posts – don’t just put your title and a link for every tweet – pull sentences! #blogchat
      • @laurenkgray: Defi. add personal touches to your tweets when promoting your blog, make it interesting so people will want to click your link! #blogchat!
      • @ICT_GURU: Something that works for me is to pick out the main points in my post and then Tweet that. #blogchat
  2. Using DMs to promote your blog. There was some discussion about whether or not to DM people that follow you and/or to DM posts to your blog. Auto-DMs are seen as a no-no, although there are people that use them.
  3. Other ways of using Twitter to promote your blog:
    • @MackCollier: Another good source for links to tweet are posts by the people that comment on your blog, encourages more & thanks them. #blogchat
    • @ICT_GURU: @atlamb You can also set up your blog to include related posts for each post. So when reading 1 they see others and stay. #blogchat
    • @MackCollier: Guys remember that participating in Twitter chats gets you more followers, & they check out your blog (hint hint) #blogchat
    • Promote other people’s work:
      • @mollienothnagel: Definitely always link to other folks’ stuff. My stream should never be the “me” show! #blogchat
      • @MackCollier: Remember too if you tweet links to OTHER people, makes them more likely to return favor, links from others usually get more clicks #blogchat
      • @lttsnyder: I’ve also seen people do a post on articles they have bookmarked throughout the week. Great way to give a shout-out to tons of ppl #blogchat
      • @ketelsen: your twitter feed should include plugs for your blog, BUT interaction with other tweeps between the plugs-spread the love #blogchat
      • @mikesansone: linking to others invokes human nature (reciprocity), like buying a cup o coffee today, folks look for opps to payback #blogchat
      • @MackCollier: Like if you share 5 great links in a row THEN share a link to your new post, it will drive more traffic #blogchat
      • @sharifwrites: @moxiePR It’s a dance of following others, commenting on other people’s blogs, guest posting, and they’ll do the same in return. #blogchat
      • @GrantGriffiths: @salamicat Ask your “tribe” to RT you and they will do it. Just remember to pay it forward first. #blogchat
      • @sarahmaeblogs: When you RT or tweet other peoples articles, PLEASE be creative – pull a compelling sentence or tell how it affected you #blogchat

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Up next: #blogchat on May 30th is “open mic” night. It’s always a flurry of different topics and ideas. Sunday night at 6 pm Pacific / 8 pm Central / 9 pm Eastern. Follow along on Tweetchat.