Burn the Ships, Touch the Burner, and Behave Like a Baby

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend “Building Trust in a Connected World”, a social media summit put together by the folks at the Women’s Tech Council in Salt Lake City. There were three speakers – Chris Brogan, Julien Smith and Mitch Joel.

While there were some technical issues at the venue and the seats were super uncomfortable, the speakers more than made up for that with their humor and the things that they shared with the group.

Many people have probably heard Mitch Joel’s theme of “Burn the Ships” before. What was interesting to me is how he spoke about us really needing to rethink what marcom looks like in this new online marketing / social media channel.

Other interesting tidbits from Mitch Joel:

Mitch was followed by Julien Smith, co-author of Trust Agents. One of Julien’s main themes was that we have to be willing to take risks. As children, we would test things out and some of those tests were good and some of them weren’t. The way we learned that a red hot burner was not and not to be touched was by touching the burner getting hurt.

Other points:

The final speaker of the morning was Chris Brogan. I’ve met Chris before and heard him speak, and he had a lot of great things to say at this event. Chris spoke a lot about the value of human business where we value the relationship we’re making more than the actual transaction. He started his presentation with relating people back to babies. Babies have a way of experimenting with life where they will try something, and though they will often fail, they will try again. Sometimes they will get frustrated and when they’ve reached the point of needing help, they ask for it by crying or whining. As adults, we often do the opposite. Instead of experimenting with things, we often start whining and crying for help right away. We need to become more like a baby and be willing to experiment with things from the beginning and be willing to fail. We need to stop crying and whining for help the first time something goes wrong.

After Chris was done speaking, there was a Q&A with Chris and Julien (unfortunately Mitch had to leave to catch a flight).

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