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Ian Truscott — Gilbane

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Customers and Engagement Track
The Opportunity

Communication not tools

Have you got a typing pool?

The New Business Imperative – “The Foundation: Functional, Flexible WCM”

Research talking about the expectations. The kinds of web sites today are relevant, fast. They want to work with you across marketing channels.

Digital Engagement Hub


Jeremiah Owyang Maturity Model

Think of Engagement as a unit of Measure

A man walks into a shop to buy a suit …. The small business shop owner selling the man a suit knows how to ask the right questions and engage the customer in the experience of buying a suit.

It doesn’t have to be complicated

Deeper engagement = Deeper understanding

Everyone is talking – People are telling us all sorts of things about they like and what they don’t like

Think about the visitor, help them out, don’t make them feel stupid (example – if they spell the name of your product wrong, still serve them content)

Robert Rose – BigBlueMoose

What do Marketers want from a CMS

A well implemented CMS does two things:

  1. Marketers need the ad-hoc ability to say “WTF”
  2. I deal in human fulfillment – it’s not about the product, it’s not about the spin. We’re trying to position ourselves as thought leaders.

What we’re talking about …

On Monday


  1. How do you want to control the message out to the various places your audience is aggregating?
  2. Can your CMS do what you want it to do?

It’s more important to figure out the internal processes to codify the process vs determining the technical tool.

We seem to think that the form changes the content. It’s all content.

Two tangible:

  1. Packrati – Allows you to connect your Twitter account to Delicious and automatically connects every link you tweet to your Delicious account.
  2. Set up free TypePad account and link Twitter and TypePad and then be able to create an archive.

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