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Ian Truscott — Gilbane

Slides from Ian’s presentation

Customers and Engagement Track
The Opportunity

  • When you have someone on your website, they have given their full consent for you to communicate with them or market to them.
  • It’s your chance to engage, to persuade or to educate
  • Chance is brief
  • How do you make most of opportunity.

Communication not tools

  • Marketing / communications owns the website not IT
  • Subject matter experts are not in marketing, communications or IT
  • Websites are no longer the sole domain of the techie, but driven by business people
  • Website is primary engagement channel
  • Think about technologies like we do with things with we print out

Have you got a typing pool?

  • 50% of CM professionals are still using Outlook, etc. instead of using their CM tool

The New Business Imperative – “The Foundation: Functional, Flexible WCM”

Research talking about the expectations. The kinds of web sites today are relevant, fast. They want to work with you across marketing channels.

Digital Engagement Hub

  • Customer engagement
  • Digital engagement
  • Web experience engagement
  • web engagement
  • Persuasive Content
  • Listen
  • Be Relevant
  • Facilitate conversation


  • If you don’t facilitate the conversation, they are going to have it somewhere else.

Jeremiah Owyang Maturity Model

  • We’re turning the website into an engagement

Think of Engagement as a unit of Measure

  • Your website isn’t a popularity contest.

A man walks into a shop to buy a suit …. The small business shop owner selling the man a suit knows how to ask the right questions and engage the customer in the experience of buying a suit.

  • Enjoyment of the experience
  • It shouldn’t just be sanitized. Sometimes you want that, but often you want an experience.
  • Understand engagement objective
  • Understand the visitor
  • Deliver content
  • Capture the feedback – Once you learn about the behavior of the visitors, you can deliver what they want

It doesn’t have to be complicated

  • People make personalize sound hard
  • But, don’t assume things about people

Deeper engagement = Deeper understanding

  • People resort to surveys too quickly
  • “Be nice to me and I’ll fill in your survey”

Everyone is talking – People are telling us all sorts of things about they like and what they don’t like

Think about the visitor, help them out, don’t make them feel stupid (example – if they spell the name of your product wrong, still serve them content)

Robert Rose – BigBlueMoose

  • How Web Content Management Relates to Online marketing

What do Marketers want from a CMS

  • Content management system is the process in which you update a website (not a tool)
  • Marketers want a CMS that sucks less
    • We don’t want to be in the CMS for any longer than we have to be
    • How I empower my non-technical people to manage and update the web site
    • Sometimes we only think we want control

A well implemented CMS does two things:

  1. Marketers need the ad-hoc ability to say “WTF”
  2. I deal in human fulfillment – it’s not about the product, it’s not about the spin. We’re trying to position ourselves as thought leaders.

What we’re talking about …

  • Invest in the process – not the product
    • Techies used to own the web presence
      • Strategy born out of .com boom
      • Web site was all about the E (eBusiness; eCommerce)
      • Little attention paid to marketing engine
    • 90% use search engines to make buying decision
    • 60% of marketers say that web is the most important marketing channel
    • Mobile content is big driver for 2010 and 2011
    • Most companies with high ROI from web site update content update every day
    • Last year was a Web 2.0 induced haze – 2010 has to be different … it has to be easy …
    • Old National Bank had a three-week process to update the web site
      • Split brochure site away from eCommerce site
        • Article content
        • Calculators
        • A/B testing / MVT testing
        • Getting a lot of new customers
  • Content driven – not data driven
    • Everything about the data is a bunch of hooey
    • Data doesn’t convert customers – your story, your compelling messages convert customers
    • Data is only there for efficiency
    • Web analytics turns into WMD (Weapons of Mass Delusion)
    • Who cares how many visitors if they are not relevant to your business
    • Making sure that the content is resonating is the most important thing
    • Using attributes and data to improve the content for our users
    • Skype using content management tool as a marketing process
    • DM Scott – New Rules of Marketing and PR – It is about delivering content when and where it is needed.
      • Content needs to be relevant to our audience
      • Needs to be delivered when it where it’s need to the right audience
    • Beliefnet serving up relevant advertising that is particular to their audience
    • Experience Life Magazine – Offering for free and building an online content marketing community that they can market too.
      • Content marketing project that is paying for itself via advertising
      • Widget showing most read / most emailed (combo of CMS / Analytics)
  • Conversation that happens outside your website
    • Technology enables – that’s it.
    • CM tools should enable you to manage content anywhere, anytime, in any format.
      • Who is going to respond when someone posts comment on the blog
      • Who is going to respond to an @reply on Twitter
      • Who is the expert that’s going to respond to
    • For marketing, CM tools should “listen” – needs to be a conversational management system
      • Need to be able to take in content from blog, Twitter and pass it on to the relevant people (workflow management, etc.)
      • Maybe we need to have workflow before someone can tweet & approvals
      • Banner ads – content change & mid-campaign test (managing content beyond bounds of web site)
      • Social media content being repurposed – Archive content so we can always go back to it. Repost on web page for SEO purposes.

On Monday

  • Start making distinction between marketing process and technology process
    • Can you launch a blog in an hour to cover a specific topic? Why not?
  • Start thinking about analytics about a way to improve the content and not prove a point.
    • Integrate a data stream into your CM process. Add analytics and A/B testing.
  • Start integrating processes to manage content beyond the bounds of your web site.
    • How can we use the CMS to move the content to the people who need it.
    • Conversation is going to happen with our without you, but you can lead the conversation, you can facilitate the conversation.


  1. How do you want to control the message out to the various places your audience is aggregating?
  2. Can your CMS do what you want it to do?

It’s more important to figure out the internal processes to codify the process vs determining the technical tool.

We seem to think that the form changes the content. It’s all content.

Two tangible:

  1. Packrati – Allows you to connect your Twitter account to Delicious and automatically connects every link you tweet to your Delicious account.
  2. Set up free TypePad account and link Twitter and TypePad and then be able to create an archive.