Seesmic for Blackberry vs. UberTwitter

About a year ago, when I became a very “active” Twitter user, I wanted to install one of the Twitter applications. I looked around and UberTwitter seemed to be preferred over TwitterBerry.

I installed UberTwitter and used it exclusively for several months. There was one main issue I had with it at the time and that was that if I was in the middle of doing something (sending a tweet and/or marking something as a favorite) and I put my Blackberry in my case, it would often cause UberTwitter to freeze up and then the only solution was to do a battery pop and reset my entire Blackberry. The other issue that I had was that marking something as a favorite was a multi-step process. I favorite a lot of stuff because I use it as a way to get through tweets quickly. I skim through tweets and favorite things I want to get back to in the future.

When Seesmic for Blackberry came out, I decided to give it a try and I’ve been pretty happy with it. However, it’s been crashing a lot and crashed twice in one day. I heard that UberTwitter had a new version out and decided to give UberTwitter another try. Here are some of my thoughts on both applications and the differences between the two.

One of the things I have noticed with UberTwitter is that it does drain my battery more quickly compared to having Seesmic open. I’m going to play around with the amount of tweets that I’m caching and seeing if that helps with the battery power.

What options are most important to you when choosing a tool for your smartphone?

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