Your Twitter Background: A Great Place for Personal Branding

Personal Twitter backgroundIf you look at the Twitter profiles of some of the top people doing business on Twitter (@comcastcares, @zappos, @chrisbrogan, @problogger, and others) you’ll notice that all of them have some sort of custom Twitter background. For someone like the CEO of Zappos, his twitter background not only provides a way for him to add personality to his Twitter profile and introduce himself, but also gives you other ways to contact the company.

While most active Twitter users are using desktop applications and/or smart phones to send most tweets, creating a Twitter background to help brand yourself is still very important. Personally, anytime anyone follows me (unless I’ve recently met them face-to-face or talked with them in a chat), I check out their Twitter profile to see who they are and whether or not I want to follow them. Also, as Twitter ranks higher and higher on Google, when people click through either to a specific tweet or to your link, they are going to see your Twitter background. Use it as an opportunity to brand yourself.

There are many services out there that will create a Twitter profile for you. You can download free options, pay anywhere from $20 – $50 for something more unique with your own pictures, or pay a service $50-$100 for a truly custom background.

Resources to create a custom Twitter background: