Is Video Blogging Right for You? #Blogchat recap – 06/20/10

A topic that frequently comes up on #blogchat – especially recently – is whether or not people should be using video blogging. Some are using it to replace their blogging efforts completely, and some are mixing it up with video blogs and regular blogs together depending on the content.

Proponents of video blogging felt like it added more personality to their posts and also that it allowed them to engage with their audience on a deeper level.

One of the important conversations was how to maintain SEO ranking while including video. There were several ideas — providing transcripts as part of the blog, adding comments and annotations, and doing a recap of the blog in addition to the video.

In addition to the discussion about why video blogging is important, there were also tips shared on tools people are using to make video blogging work.

Here are the tweets from the conversation:

  • Great recap Sue Ann! There's definitely a group of Blogchatters who are into video. I think that video is an important part of a balanced blogger diet.

    Also, there was a nice post on video SEO by Yoast, The post is a nice complement to the discussions we had about transcripts/captioning and commenting.

    I've been using the “#vlogchat” tag after the official #blogchat hour for those that want to chat specifically about video.

  • Sue Ann,

    I think Vlogging is a great addition to your content creation process. You have do more work to create searchable posts with videos, but people are attracted to video much more than audio. And I agree to keep it fairly short. People have YouTube attention spans these days.

  • sue_anne

    I agree that video blogging is great for some audiences. It's definitely worthwhile for bloggers to test and see what type of reaction they get. I'm not sure that I'm headed there anytime soon, but I know some people that have been really successful with it.

  • sue_anne

    Thanks for the comment. I think the #vlogchat is a great idea, because it's definitely something that people are interested in. I'm personally not going to be doing any videos, but for some niches it's a really great idea.