Personal Branding – Your Blog’s URL

macro pixels url clicheLast week, I read a post by @JohnChow where he wrote about his Two Biggest Blogging Mistakes. The second mistake he mentions is using your name as your URL. I had decided a few months ago to secure the name and set it up as my main URL. His post had me questioning that decision.

This came up again in #blogchat, when @WriterChanelle asked a similar question. There weren’t many responses (#blogchat was moving at a pretty good pace at the time), so I asked a similar question in the weekly chat Start Blogging Today (#sbt10) group.  I received a couple of great answers from that group and mostly share their opinion.

Ultimately, what it comes down to (like everything should in social media and marketing) is what are your goals for your blog and what are you hoping to get out of it.

I have two main goals for this blog:

  1. To serve as a place for people to find me, and my writing, online.
  2. To act as an offshoot of my resume. Whether it’s my acumen at social media or the ability to set up a wordpress site, having a personal web presence is the best web portfolio available.

John Chow gives three reasons he regrets using his name as his blog’s URL:

  1. “Branding is easier with a commercial name” – I agree with that. is easier to brand than Although you could set up a vanity URL to redirect to
  2. “You have to do most the work” – He says it’s harder to have guest bloggers when your name is in the URL. I’m not sure that this is entirely true, as long as you can show guest bloggers that you have the eye balls, they’d be willing to write a post. But, it would be extremely difficult to co-write a blog this way. I’m Jason Smith, but I write for might be a little awkward.
  3. “It’s next to impossible to sell” – This one I absolutely do agree with. Unless you found someone else named John Chow willing to buy your blog and your SEO juice, you are going to have a hard time making a business case.

Since none of those three issues that John writes about are part of my strategic plan, I’m good for now leaving things the way they are.

What are your thoughts? Should you have a URL with your name? Should you try to be more clever?

  • @ryanmurrant

    useful article as I am just about to launch my own blog

  • sue_anne

    Glad you found it useful. 🙂 Definitely check out John's post as well for another perspective.