Pictures are Important

Screenshot of Cavendish crash at Tour de Suisse
Courtesy VeloNews

In almost every conversation about blog design and blog writing, everyone mentions the importance of adding pictures to your posts. Today I saw the perfect example of that idea.

Earlier today, there was a huge crash at the Tour de Suisse – a multi-stage cycling event in Switzerland that serves as a warm-up to the Tour de France. I read two articles on the subject – VersusTV and VeloNews. To be honest, I found the VersusTV article hard to get through. There were so many words and it wasn’t punctuated by any pictures, link to pictures, links to video, etc. The author does an excellent job explaining what happened, but it’s boring. As soon as I was about two-thirds of the way through the article, I was already typing in the VeloNews URL because I knew that it would have pictures. And, sure enough, it had some great pictures and provided an instant visual reference of the crash and its aftermath. It made me want to read more and click through to additional photos.

Screenshot of Cavendish crash at Tour de Suisse
Courtesy VersusTV