Promoting Your Blog and Learning about Social Media – #pr20chat Transcript

#pr20chat happens every Tuesday night at 5 pm Pacific / 8 pm Eastern. Topics included promoting your blog and whether or not to use guest posting, how to measure Facebook fan engagement, CNN’s intention to drop using Associated Press content, whether or not people are using measurement tools (like Radian6 or others), and a “bonus” question of whether or not social media should be taught in school.

There were three people that identified themselves as “first-timers”:

@pr20chat: Q1: From last week: How do you promote a blog? What are your thoughts about guest posting? #pr20chat

  • @prchicago: Q1 Good things about guest bloggers: You get more viewpoints and a wider audience. Keeps a blog from getting stale. #pr20chat
  • @jeffespo: Q1 Guest posting is great as long as you make the posts mutually beneficial #pr20chat
  • @shainalamb: Q1 Guest posts are a great way to incorporate multiple viewpoints from across the industry… allow for more creativity & insight #pr20chat
  • @barbaranixon: Q1 I’d love to see more PR profs & pros partner up for guest blog posts. #pr20chat
  • @NearJay: Q1 If executed right guest posts are a great way to promote your blog, but you should ask your guests to promote themselves. #pr20chat
  • @ValerieSimon: Q1 remember a guest post should be about the blog community you are ‘visiting’ what you can offer them… not you #pr20chat
  • @CristinMcGrath: Q1 So far, I’ve been using my own social network I’ve established (FB, Twitter, Digg) but I need the name to stick and be known… #pr20chat
  • @prchicago: Q1 We just designed a blog for a client and he has regular industry guest bloggers from around the world. Huge hit! #pr20chat
  • @NathanRKing: Q1. Guest posting can add a lot of value to a blog as long it fits in with your topics. #pr20chat
  • @WriterChanelle: Q1. I love guest posting. I always make sure to write something that fits with the culture of the blog. #pr20chat
  • @NathanRKing: Q1. More insight, different viewpoints and something different for the readers. #pr20chat
  • @NathanRKing: Q1. Snippets of info from blog posts make great tweets. #pr20chat
  • @WriterChanelle: Q1. To promote I send certain posts to LinkedIn, tweet new posts, comment on other blogs, have posts sent to FB #pr20chat
  • @Sue_Anne: Q1: @sarahrobinson earlier this year did a really excellent guest blogging series. #pr20chat
  • @Sue_Anne: Q1: Also, to promote, use your email list if you have one, make sure to mention on facebook, twitter, digg, etc. #pr20chat
  • @StephanieFlo: Q1: Guest posting can bring new perspectives into a blog & open up its reach to a wider audience #pr20chat
  • @ValerieSimon: Q1: guest posting, cross posting… always include your blogs URL in your signature when commenting etc… #pr20chat
  • @Sue_Anne: Q1: I like the idea of a “guest posting series” … Get guests to post on the same topic but with a different twist for a week. #pr20chat
  • @KratzPR: Q1: I love guest posting and especially series posting…great exposure for your blog and help others attract a new network #pr20chat
  • @Sue_Anne: Q1: If it’s more business — and especially B2B — related, make sure you’re using LinkedIn to promote and get word out. #pr20chat
  • @Sue_Anne: Q1: In January @johnhaydon did a great series, where he included some guests and then turned them into an ebook. #pr20chat
  • @Sue_Anne: Q1: Incorporate blog into traditional marketing mix if you’re already advertising, etc. #pr20chat
  • @Sue_Anne: Q1: I’ve heard (and seen) that the NetworkedBlogs app for Facebook is driving a lot of traffic. #pr20chat
  • @Sue_Anne: Q1: One of the great things about @sarahrobinson‘s guest series, is that each guest answered the comments that day #pr20chat
  • @ViewpointrTrixi: Q1: Perfect first question! This is what I need help with 🙂 #pr20chat
  • @JGoldsborough: @NathanRKing @prchicago How do u all suggest finding guest blogger candidates? #pr20chat
  • @jeffespo: @JGoldsborough @NathanRKing @prchicago I’d say pick folks your audience would like + has clout #pr20chat
  • @prchicago: @JGoldsborough He asked industry experts he knew and respected –they love it. Had to limit guest bloggers to 5, though. #pr20chat
  • @NathanRKing: @ValerieSimon Being active on other blogs via commenting and guest posting is a great way to promote your own blog. #pr20chat
  • @TauhidChappell: @sue_anne I use networkedblogs on facebook so that my friends can see when I publish a new post on my blog. Very useful #pr20chat
  • @AngEngland: @WriterChanelle I like guest posting too – sometimes it’s easier to write for someone else. 🙂 #pr20chat
  • @ValerieSimon: absolutely! RT @NathanRKing: Being active on other blogs via commenting and guest posting is a great way to promote your own blog. #pr20chat
  • @WriterChanelle: @AngEngland I find I can write a post for someone else much more quickly than for myself. Still high-quality of course. #pr20chat
  • @JGoldsborough: Hearing a couple of people say they use Networked Blog app on Facebook. You using it? #pr20chat
  • @JGoldsborough: @Sue_Anne Sounds interesting. Mind sharing link to that ebook? #pr20chat
  • @shotgunconcepts: Best way to promote your blog is to comment & engage on other similar topic blogs #pr20chat
  • @JGoldsborough: @AngEngland Hi, Angela. Glad to see you here. Agree, can be easier to write on some1 else’s blog. esp if they give the topic. #pr20chat
  • @WriterChanelle: @Sue_Anne I do need to get better with Digg, stumbleupon, etc… #pr20chat
  • @WriterChanelle: I know someone who does RT @JGoldsborough: Hearing a couple of people say they use Networked Blog app on Facebook. You using it? #pr20chat
  • @Sue_Anne: Here’s the link: RT @JGoldsborough Sounds interesting. Mind sharing link to that ebook? #pr20chat cc @johnhaydon
  • @CristinMcGrath: For those of you with a huge following…which method was best for promoting your blog? Us newbies need help 😉 #pr20chat

@pr20chat: Q2: How do you measure the value of a FB fan? Dollars? Some other metric? #pr20chat

@pr20chat: Q3: What tools do u use to find new blogs to pitch? Do u usually find them via recco or research? #pr20chat

@pr20chat: Q4: (via @SilverMullet) — Is lobbying a private or public activity? If public where does it fit within the field of PR? #pr20chat

  • @jennjchoi: Q4 I would say more public. Ppl/orgs have the ability to influence actual lobbyists. In turn, PR pros can help leverage that. #pr20chat
  • @laurenkgray: Q4 I’m not so sure about. I’m going to read in on this one! #pr20chat
  • @transpr: Q4 lobbying in such a manner for gov client can be tricky. Ethics, fairness are key. Be careful. #pr20chat
  • @transpr: Q4 There is a line. In many gov activities must have neutrality, for instance, doing environmental review for potential road. #pr20chat
  • @JDer_Pr: #pr20chat Q4 I would say that lobbying is a public function but I don’t know a PR person in the world that would be one.
  • @JDer_Pr: #pr20chat Q4 I guess it fits under the advocacy umbrella but I would say that lobbyist could benefit from PR practices

@pr20chat: Q5: CNN announced this week it won’t use AP content anymore. How will this impact news distribution going forward? #pr20chat

@JGoldsborough: Q6: What tools are you using to measure/track social media? (I.e. Radian6) #pr20chat (Questions will come from my acct now)

@BeccaMeyers: #pr20chat are pr classes teaching this stuff now? like all the ways to track SM?

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