If You Had to Start Over …

Earlier today, the Influencer Project brought together 60 of the top “influencers” in social media and asked them a question — if you had to start over and build your network from scratch, what’s the most important thing that you would do. Each person had 60 seconds to give their answer on what was most important to them. It was obvious that each of the answers was pre-recorded and then spliced together, but that’s really the only way this would have worked. (And, some of the folks were a bit more natural in 60 seconds and some were more forced.)

Here are my top ideas from the hour:

  1. “”It’s called social media for a reason. You can’t do it all by yourself.” Muhammed Salem (@msaleem)
  2. “Take the time to cultivate each network” — don’t just autopost to everywhere. Justin Levy (@justinlevy)
  3. “Share good stuff.” Jason Falls (@jasonfalls)
  4. “Get active in other people’s communities.” Mitch Joel (@mitchjoel)
  5. “Find one specific niche and then master that niche” Start doing webinars to teach others how to master that niche. Lewis Howes (@lewishowes)

I’m looking forward to seeing what ThoughtLead has in store next.

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  • Hi Sue Anne,

    Thanks for pulling out some of the highlights from the Influencer Project. It's definitely true what Muhammad said, “It's called social media for a reason.” Immersed in the twitter conversation during the event, I felt we really created a conversation and community.

    Thanks again for the post!

  • Christina, Thanks for the comment. There were so many good highlights, but I kept it limited to 5. 🙂 I love the community that hashtags build around things like this – whether they are webinars or conferences.

  • Hi Sue Anne,
    Thank you for including my “15 Ways to Increase” link in your post. What fabulous information!

  • You're welcome! You did a great post as well. 🙂