Open Mic – #blogchat recap – 07/25/10

The last week of the month, #blogchat is open mic. And, like usual, it got a bit hectic. According to stats, this was one of the top #blogchats ever, and many topics were covered. (PDF transcript)

First, some first-time #blogchatters:

Top tweets:

A top topic of conversation was about comments. How can you encourage more blog comments? Where do you want comments – on Facebook, Twitter or the blog itself? The overall consensus is that people prefer to get comments on their blog vs. other places, but every conversation is appreciated. There was also some great ideas about how to feature commenters.

Along with the comments question, there were a couple different discussions about whether or not you should respond to every comment people left on your blog.

Should you have a blogroll on your blog, and if you do have a blogroll how many links should you include?

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