Open Mic – #blogchat recap – 07/25/10

The last week of the month, #blogchat is open mic. And, like usual, it got a bit hectic. According to stats, this was one of the top #blogchats ever, and many topics were covered. (PDF transcript)

First, some first-time #blogchatters:

Top tweets:

  • ADMAVEN: Timely posts net you the most organic search traffic. Look to breaking news and relate to your audience #blogchat
  • Starbucker: I can draw on so many life experiences when I write posts- everybody has many stories to tell; just get ’em on the page! #blogchat
  • RLMadMan: I have found that using my blog to comment on other peoples’ blogs is a great way to get big convos going. Their readers + mine. #blogchat
  • pushingsocial: I get comments on posts that ooze kick-butt passion. Intellectual Factoids=Yawn #blogchat

A top topic of conversation was about comments. How can you encourage more blog comments? Where do you want comments – on Facebook, Twitter or the blog itself? The overall consensus is that people prefer to get comments on their blog vs. other places, but every conversation is appreciated. There was also some great ideas about how to feature commenters.

  • laurenkgray @RLMadMan I always prefer to get comments on my blog but people’s comments on Twitter about my blog are nice! #blogchat
  • CurtMonash: #blogchat Comments are great if they add valuable content to your site. Otherwise, bloggers obsess about them way too much.
  • PreciseAgency: @cherylfenton I think comments are very important. They show us feedback on how were doing. What our audience likes and dislikes. #blogchat
  • pushingsocial: Comments are a goldmine. But quality is better than quantity #blogchat
  • KevinLyons: @prosperitygal @MackCollier I’m using Facebook’s social plugin as a replacement comment system on a client’s blog. Works great. #blogchat
  • Scribnia: @Lin_Dolin comments are important to me because it means my readers are engaged and interested. #blogchat
  • lgfisher: @Lin_Dolin Comments on my blog are important to me because I want to be part of/encourage conversation – Not my soapbox #blogchat
  • NicWirtz: @TwinToddlersDad #blogchat I know people like @DannyBrown recommend adding good comments to blog posts at end.
  • robpetersen: Comments show greater involvement in your blog; by comparison, RT’s and “likes” seem more like a pat on the back #blogchat
  • jb140: If you want more comments & traffic on your blog, respond to those who comment, it engages them & draws them back for more. #blogchat
  • Mandy_Vavrinak: @Jon_Lewis sometimes I’ll tweet that so-and-so just left a great comment and link to the post &/or comments. #blogchat
  • rjleaman: Without blog comments there’s no idea exchange/discussion: might as well write a magazine article… or talk to yourself. #blogchat
  • cherylfenton: depends on ur site. some don’t lend themselves to comments. not all topics need to be discussion-worthy to be helpful to readers. #blogchat
  • SusieKline: My posts that I worried were too controversial get the most comments and hits! #blogchat
  • chrisyates11: I love negative comments. Let’s me engage the most passionate folks. RT @Jon_Lewis: I reply 2 all comments, good or bad #blogchat
  • RBeale: @Lin_Dolin That’s one reason why I have a blog comment policy – is important w/ comments #blogchat
  • CurtMonash: @antwizzel A lot of substantive blog comments come from people you knew previously or those with agendas. That’s the seed. #blogchat
  • swoodruff: @eljadaae My post that got the most comments was a very personal one: me away #blogchat

Along with the comments question, there were a couple different discussions about whether or not you should respond to every comment people left on your blog.

  • SbuxMel: @salamicat – I no longer respond to every comment. I get enough that my comments would look oddly cluttered. #blogchat
  • loisgeller: I also respond to every comment I get on my blog. Do you? #blogchat
  • SbuxMel: @salamicat – I dont know what normal but I respond to abt half of the comments & can get about 20-30 per blog post. #blogchat
  • Scribnia: @LouImbriano I reply to every legit comment on my blog. Lets the read know you’re listening. #blogchat
  • ADMAVEN: @tyippie I use DISQUS and find it smooths the process of moderating and responding to comments. 1.5 years now and going strong #blogchat
  • MackCollier @antwizzel @problogger think the post is half the battle the blogger can generate more comments by responding, probing 4 more info #blogchat
  • 30lines: @tyippie It’s not perfect, but I’m a big fan. Use it on all of my blogs. The ‘respond/moderate via email’ is great. #blogchat

Should you have a blogroll on your blog, and if you do have a blogroll how many links should you include?

  • laurenkgray: I use blogroll on #wordpress and link to others’ blogs that I love! #blogchat
  • LindseyHudson24: I have 4-5 people. RT @BrandDynamite Great question. RT @asiler112 About how many Blogs do you want to include in a Blogroll? #blogchat
  • salamicat: @LindseyHudson24 I have about a dozen on my blogroll, and I change it ocassionally #blogchat
  • pheffernanvt: @salamicat Ditto. About 12 in blogroll, changed every so often. #blogchat
  • Scribnia: @danperezfilms not a fan of the traditional blogroll. It’s stagnant. Rarely updated in most cases, and provides little reasoning. #blogchat
  • pheffernanvt: @centsiblelife I nearly always look at blogrolls. That’s how I find new, good blogs to read/follow. #blogchat
  • shotgunconcepts: @christawatson @danperezfilms pros part of community of similar topics / con 90% of all rolls r same & few readers look/click #blogchat
  • danperezfilms: @LLOnlineBlogera I have included several posts I generally frequent on my blogroll – its good karma I suppose 🙂 #blogchat
  • SusieKline: I got rid of mine b/c I thought it cluttered my layout. Plus my list is ever-changing! RT @danperezfilms: Blogrolls. Pros? Cons? #blogchat