Blogger Outreach – #Blogchat Recap – 08/08/10

Tonight’s topic for #blogchat was “Blogger Outreach Programs.” There were two main features of the discussion. The first was how to choose which bloggers to reach out to and what strategy you should use for reaching out to those bloggers. Another topic of conversation was best practices on how to pitch bloggers – what name to use; whether to use email or not; and other topics. (Click for a PDF transcript.)

First, some first-time #blogchat-ters.

The first question posed by @MackCollier was “Is it better to target ‘influential’ bloggers in outreach efforts, or blogging customers? Or how do you decide WHICH type of bloggers you want to reach out to? What’s your strategy?”

  • joshploch: #blogchat bigger isn’t always better. You have to know who you want to reach
  • NicWirtz: #blogchat Do your research to find which blogger will fit whatever product you’re trying to promote.
  • deswalsh: On pitching to bloggers, one suggestion, read their About page and find a real point of connection then open with that. #blogchat
  • djwaldow: .@MackCollier A1: Target bloggers who have a decent shot at liking/using your product or service #blogchat
  • CASUDI: @loisgeller I dont think it’s totally # of readers BUT are you reaching your target audience consistently? #blogchat
  • trainingfactor: A1 worry about who your blog will matter to.. celebrity bloggers will provide little influence #blogchat
  • RLMadMan: It would be a mistake to target “influential” bloggers right out of the gate. Inform/educate potential customers. #blogchat
  • SmartIncomeBlog: @MackCollier Absolutely not. The lesser known bloggers have just as much insight as the influential ones, alot of times. #blogchat
  • karimacatherine: I would target the ones that are more inclined to share. Not essentially the most influencial #blogchat
  • sueyoungmedia: IMO-too much overthinking.How do you approach someone in real person? Do good stuff, connect, bld relationship & ask. #blogchat
  • MaryAnnHalford: @BillBoorman influence is a combo of reach and credibility – but you need credibility first to sustain reach! #blogchat
  • JDEbberly: @michellestonge It is perceived AUTHORITY by her readers which makes a blogger influential #Blogchat
  • be3d: We need a Nielsen-like data src for blog readership. Absent that, it’s “piece it together & guess”. #blogchat
  • MackCollier: A popular outreach is for book publishers to offer a copy of a new release if you will blog a review. #blogchat
  • MSchechter: @MackCollier Offering free product is always a great way to get press, but customers tend to question the validity of those posts #blogchat
  • JoeManna: I find that working with smaller, but more accessible bloggers are effective. A-list means untouchable. #blogchat
  • pushingsocial: I think interviews are a terrific outreach tool – anyone use ’em? #blogchat
  • BillBoorman: i write about the applications I use and the products I buy. Unlikely to respond to a cold approach #blogchat
  • JoeManna: @MackCollier Disclosing free access to events is fine, many ways to be tactful about it. (e.g. Mack hooked me up to BlogWorld.) #blogchat
  • Mandy_Vavrinak: @joshploch Buying ads = buying reach, but not buying audience. Not the same. I’m saying their blogspace is valuable to them. #blogchat
  • karimacatherine: @RLMadMan : Exactly my thought. You have to target the CONNECTORS and the SHARERS not the influencial only #blogchat
  • MackCollier: Targeting customer evangelists with your outreach efforts works because these people WANT to blog about you, give them incentive #blogchat
  • sherrylowry: best way to connect I know: become that which you seek – a major connector. who do U intro,link,recommend? Try this first. #blogchat
  • pushingsocial: Sometimes the best way to reach influencers is through their fans… #blogchat
  • djwaldow: Not sure who said this tonight, but I agree: Target sharers and connectors in blogger outreach #blogchat
  • Mandy_Vavrinak: @iamkrissy read their blog… follow on Twitter or connect on LI or FB if you can. Once you know them, you’ll know the answer. #blogchat
  • MSchechter: @potsie You are right on, we’ve had a lot more success on forums. FB as well has been a great hub. #blogchat
  • Mandy_Vavrinak: @GLHancock yes, knowing name, content / style and basic approach to subject matter/area should be BASICS for outreach efforts #blogchat
  • JoeManna: @VictorCanada Flowtown is a good way to truly examine what your customers do in social media. From there, find thought leaders. #blogchat

Mack then asked for ideas about how to best to pitch bloggers: “Ok guys, now let’s talk about best practices for pitching bloggers. My tip: Refer to me by my NAME! 😉 What’s your tip? #blogchat

  • BillBoorman: @chrisyates11 texting is worse than e-mail. voice to voice or face to face #blogchat
  • be3d: @MackCollier Read their “how to pitch me” posts. No really. People tell you how to pitch them. #blogchat
  • karimacatherine: I think you have to be honest and straightforward when approaching a blogger. No need to pretend #blogchat
  • prosperitygal: LIke we say in social media you do not get to take me to third base first time we meet, same in blogger outreach #blogchat
  • heidicohen: Proves blog outreach require ongoing interaction. RT @pushingsocial: Blogger outreach is campaign not 1-night stand. #blogchat
  • RLMadMan: Good pitchers are often matched with good catchers. Before pitching, make sure you have a relationship. #blogchat
  • potsie: If sending email, make sure it’s personalized – don’t send “Dear Blogger…” #blogchat
  • MattLaCasse: Pitch bloggers the same way you’d pitch a journ. If the goal is to get coverage, tactics shouldn’t be different. #blogchat
  • MackCollier: Lots of you are saying that anyone pitching you should read your blog 1st. It takes time, but pitch is dead if irrelevant. #blogchat
  • aeringuy: My pitch tip: offer something relevant of value that the blogger can give away to build traffic on their site #blogchat #quidproquo
  • CASUDI: Pitching bloggers ~ KNOW name, KNOW their content, COMMENT on their blog & establish relationship ~ THEN pitch 🙂 #blogchat
  • BeckyMcCray: @MackCollier Best practice for pitching bloggers: know and pitch within my blog’s focus. #blogchat
  • trainingfactor: Make sure you are connecting with bloggers as people not content providers #blogchat
  • GB_Hertz: Targeting customer evangelists w/ur outreach efforts works bcuz these ppl WANT 2blog about U, give ’em incentive #blogchat RT @MackCollier
  • iamkrissy: @MackCollier True, but some of your best pictchers can be your readers, just like some of your best evangelists can be a reader #blogchat
  • LoisMarketing: For me, several wonderful relationships have come through having a strong vertical focus in work and blogging — motorsports. #blogchat

From a blogger’s perspective, @GLHancock gave a great list of tips on how to pitch other bloggers:

  • GLHancock: Good way to approach me is to know my name. You’d be amazed at what people expect without the simple courtesy of knowing who I am #blogchat
  • GLHancock: Second “outreach” tip: know what my blog is about before asking me to plug you, your product or service or PR #blogchat
  • GLHancock: Third “outreach” tip: address me as Dear Ms. Hancock. Just kidding… but I do like that rather than, “Hi Georganna” #blogchat
  • GLHancock: Real 3rd “outreach” tip: don’t be overly familiar. It may be “only” email, but it is a business letter, too. #blogchat
  • GLHancock: 4th “outreach” tip: pay attention to my Cision listing. I really mean what is written there! #blogchat
  • GLHancock: Tip 7 “outreach” Remember a pitch is usually a business, not a personal, proposition. #blogchat