#bloggybootcamp with @angryjulie – Privacy and Your Blog

  • Started out just with Blogger blog to post pictures of her son to share with her extended family.
  • Started out on parenting forums — lots of drama.
  • Was tired of the drama and the cliques (“high school cool girl”)
  • In 2007, decided that she wanted to talk to talk about her.
  • Blog name came from a coworker’s nickname

Topic – Are you going to use your real name:

  • Do you use your real name? Last name?
  • Some people are branded by their real name.
  • Maybe use your maiden name instead of your married name.
  • Do you have permission to use other people’s names.

Topic – Location

  • @angryjulie lives in a small town. Only had one time where someone that she was dealing with at work recognized her from her blog.
  • Are you going to talk about vacations before you leave?
  • Do you use location based applications?

Topic – Blog Tracking Programs

  • You can know how many times people are on their site, know your IP address.
  • People are watching.
  • Will sometimes use a different computer to go to other people’s sites so that they don’t know its her.
  • Google Analytics; StatCounter, Sitemeter mentioned as tools on WordPress – Good to see what days are more popular on your blog.
  • You can map people’s IP address if they visit your blog, make a comment, etc.
  • Even if you comment on a blog anonymously, people can still figure out its you by your IP address. Be careful not to troll blogs because people can track you down.

Topic – Photos

  • @angryjulie considers herself a photo editor
  • Currently uses Flickr as main photo option
  • Licenses all her photos as Creative Commons.
  • You can make photos on Flickr private. You can post them on your blog at a certain size, but you can’t see them on Flickr.
  • You can have a “mom blog” and not post pictures of your kids / family online.
  • Kid’s birthday parties – There are people who don’t want pictures of their kids on the Internet. Make sure that you are mindful of that when deciding whether or not to post pictures online.
  • Watermark – Unless you put the watermark across people’s faces, they are pretty easy to edit out of the photo.

Topic – Content

  • Make sure you’re asking yourself “is this too personal”
  • Follow your stats and find out what people are searching about
  • Stuff doesn’t go away if it’s been public — even if you delete things, Google (or another service) may have saved it.

Topic – Facebook

  • @angryjulie only has people on her friend’s page on Facebook that she’s met in person.


  • Have a policy about comments.
  • Don’t feed the trolls.
  • Think about locking down comments after a certain time period or if the conversation has had any drama.