Comments on Blogs are Important

In her post on Bit Rebels, 5 Benefits of Leaving a Constructive Comment on a Blog, Misty Belardo lists 5 great reasons for leaving comments on a blog. Her #1 reason is top of my list.

1. Engagement is deepened – Blogging is a social platform that allows a community to share their views, their experiences and their thoughts.  Take advantage of the freedom to build a relationship with the writer. Use that medium to converse with your favorite writer.

I frequently leave comments on blogs. Since I signed up for Disqus about a year ago, I’ve left over 300 comments and that doesn’t count websites that use other commenting programs (WordPress native, CommentLuv, or others).

I try to leave comments when I have something constructive to say. I’m not a fan of “great post” style comments. I think if that’s all you have to say, a retweet on Twitter works just as well. I also think it’s important to be honest in your comment, even if you disagree with the author and even if that author is someone you look up to.

Commenting also gives you the opportunity to work on your critical thinking skills and writing style. Especially if you’re new to blogging, this is a great way to practice.