Emails Should be Timely

One of the keys to a successful email marketing campaign, is making sure that your emails are timely and relevant. Today, I received an email that was an excellent example of a timely email.

Within an hour of the judge announcing his decision to overturn Prop. 8, I already had an email from the Courage Campaign in my email box.

From the top, it referenced the court decision:

The Courage Campaign obviously had this planned in advance, including a matching grant. They were prepared to send the email as soon as the ruling happened.

There may be other organizations that try to capitalize on the ruling on either side of the issue in the coming days, but by having things ready to go before the ruling, the Courage Campaign was able to capitalize on the timely nature of the event and be one of the first things people saw in their mailboxes.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Sue – great example. (I love examples) I would add that “actionable’ is another key characteristic of this example and any solid email communication (not just asks). Encouraging engagement after you deliver is necessary to moving the needle.

  • Thanks Sean. I agree that this email hits on a number of important things, and probably why (from what I hear) the Courage campaign has been really successful with their email marketing.