Integrating your blogging with other communications – #blogchat recap – 08/1/2010

This week’s #blogchat was co-hosted by Beth Harte and was focused on how to integrate blogging efforts with the rest of marketing communications. Beth hosts a week #imcchat (integrated marketing communications chat) on Wednesday evenings at 8 pm Eastern / 5 pm Pacific. (# blogchat PDF transcript)

First, some first-time #blogchat-ters (lots of new folks this week):

There were a lot of other new folks, but they didn’t introduce themselves as first-timers.

Top tweets:

  • jb140: Your email inbox is the best source of content for your blog. If you answer the same question over & over, write about it. #blogchat
  • hacool: popular keyword searches bringing traffic to our blogs can also let us know to write more about those topics. #blogchat
  • hacool: @BethHarte How do you train staff to look beyond their own vocabulary? I’ve used tools like Wordle to help them visualize. #blogchat
  • BethHarte: If a department doesn’t have time to blog, tell their story for them. It’s your job to be the “corp. journalist.” #blogchat
  • ADMAVEN: @bethharte @pushingsocial A corp. blog that only speaks in a corp. voice is just a press release section, and customers don’t care #blogchat
  • BethHarte: If you are a corp. blogger. Take off your marketing googles and put on a cust. hat. What would you want to know? Answer that Ques. #blogchat

Mack kicked things off asking how we can break down silos.

Beth started off the main discussion asking how we can use data and feedback for your blog content. Some great answers:

@hacool mentioned using popular keyword searches to find new topics to write about.

  • BethHarte: @tyippie You need to use Google Analytics or another analytics package. #blogchat
  • BethHarte: @hacool Yep! And that’s a how a corp. blog can help with other marketing communications efforts. Keywords are really important. #blogchat

Other ways to monitor traffic were mentioned:

  • MackCollier: @tyippie I use SiteMetere for real-time analytics on my blog, Google Analytics for deep dives #blogchat
  • MackCollier: @tyippie BTW SiteMeter has a free version that gives you most of the stats you want, so does StatCounter #blogchat
  • TwinToddlersDad: Google Analytics very useful – I look at keywords, top content, referring sites, avg time spent and bounce rate #blogchat

@sherrylowry asked how to involve other departments in the blogging efforts.

  • BethHarte: @sherrylowry That is a challenge. You don’t want to ghost blog for other depts. But you cld interview them & write it yourself. #blogchat
  • sourcepov: @BethHarte Agree, ghost blogging awkward. You don’t ghost email, or ghost IM. Need to know who u are having conversation with #blogchat

@MackCollier asked Beth what other ways a company can benefit from blogging other than marketing.

Beth asked a question about comments: “@BethHarte: Question. What if you don’t get comments on your blog. How else can you figure out what people want to read? #blogchat

  • rockinrobync: @BethHarte great question! customer surveys, poll the employees on the front line, check twitter…just a few suggestions #blogchat
  • RLMadMan: @BethHarte I look at Google Analytics to see what kind of posts trended well. I also see what people are talking about on Twitter. #blogchat
  • AmidPrivilege: @BethHarte Look at your search terms. Then you know what questions people are asking that find you. #blogchat
  • pushingsocial: @BethHarte No comments, pick up the phone and start talking – begin with the “likely to defect” customers #blogchat
  • ICT_GURU: @BethHarte One thing that helped me was seeing what other blog posts attract heaps of comments on other blogs. #blogchat
  • MackCollier: @BethHarte What about emails from readers? Another reason 2 make email contact readily avail on blog, not everyone comf commenting #blogchat
  • jb140: @bethharte as I have said many times. Consumers aren’t going to comment that often. They normally stalk in fear of being spammed #blogchat

There’s lots of other great information contained in the transcript, and there is a lot lined up for this month. Check out Mack’s blog for more news about the August lineup.