Review — MarketingProfs: Take 10 Webinar: Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile in 11 Easy Steps

Earlier this week, I happened to catch a new webinar format by (The format may or may not be new, but this was the first one I caught in this format.) It’s called Take 10, and as the name suggests it’s a 10 minute webinar on a specific topic.

The webinar that I listened to this week was actually recorded on July 16, 2010 and is available on-demand. For MarketingProfs Pro members, it’s available for free. It’s only $10 for people that aren’t pro members.

Jason Alba was the lead man on the webinar talking about how to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Jason runs a “career management” web site called Jibber Jobber and has written a book about LinkedIn titled I’m on LinkedIn–Now What??? (affiliate link)

If you’re not someone that has used LinkedIn, the webinar would be a great introduction on things that you can do. I used LinkedIn extensively on my last job search, so most of the things that he suggests I’ve already done.

One of the great things he suggests that I hadn’t heard before was a strategy on how to use the “Summary” section on your profile. Jason suggests making this area as long as possible, in order to increase the amount of times you’ll show up in keyword searches, and also suggests using Perform / Action / Results statements to really build your Summary. Instead of just listing results as bullet points, instead structure them as statements that discuss the problem, talk about the action you took and then show the result. I thought this was a really excellent idea.

I thought this webinar was excellent. For any pro members, it’s obviously worth the 10 minutes. And, even for people that aren’t MarketingProfs members, $10 is a great deal compared to other LinkedIn webinars that are out there.