Blogchat Recap and Transcript 09/05/10 – Musical Artists Using Social Media

Tonight’s #blogchat was co-hosted by Shani Sammons (@shanisammons) and focused on how musical artists are using social media to connect with fans. Here’s a transcript (PDF) of the evening’s chat.

The first-time #blogchatters:

Top tweets:

  • abbisiler: Making themselves available is the first step 2 finding their fans online. Have strong website w/ msg brds. need more than myspace #blogchat
  • ShaniSammons: Re: finding your fans/strategies = understanding who your music relates to first, who your demographic is…. #blogchat
  • abbisiler: Bands— don’t just have a myspace account and call it a website. If you want to go big, get a website. Credibility. #blogchat
  • pheffernanvt: At Discover Jazz 2010 #VT – several artists had laptop so you could share your email, Twitter, FB address to their database.
  • ShaniSammons: @jonathansaar 3 things that have worked for me: FB, content mgmt plan & having the artists actually engage with fans via Twitter.
  • prosperitygal: Fans like to talk about why they love the music so its easy to engage them in conversation, all bans need intense twitter campaign
  • laurenkgray: @TwinToddlersDad @amoyal I don’t think bands/artists should outsource either but a lot of bands do have people tweeting for them.
  • sarahmaeblogs: I wish artists would hang out on Twitter more and talk to their fans…have once/month Twitter chats or something
  • NicWirtz: @BillBoorman #blogchat If the community has grown that large it’s time to employ community managers/volunteers.
  • abbisiler: One band who has recently done something awesome w/ #Google is @arcadefire If you have Chrome check this:
  • MackCollier: @timjahn @shanisammons just wrote a post on work she did w Sugarland –
  • MackCollier: @pushingsocial @ladygaga has built her popularity by giving fans a sense of ownership in her brand and content
  • ShaniSammons: @katebuckjr That’s very true. I think smaller biz can also learn a lot from larger businesses and celebs though.
  • shortformernie: Fact of the matter: People don’t respond to budgets. They respond to really inventive ideas.
  • laurenkgray: @midwestguest MySpace is still a big market….but not a big matching audience, especially older audiences.
  • BillBoorman: An open Flickr channel fans can post pics to for posting on to the fan – page/blog gives great access
  • ShaniSammons: @MackCollier In the beg, we utilized our website/email mktg to get our fans to engage via SM w/ us b/c it was new to them.
  • sbowmann: “A day in the life” type blog while on the road is also another great way to connect with and grow your fan base.
  • bsak: @pushingsocial Live streaming concerts/interviews w/Twitter integration to gather comments and questions from the fans are cool.
  • abbisiler: Speaking of artists who really engage their fans online – @BenFolds posts pics asks fans aboutt songs, & album art! + great music
  • ShaniSammons: A blog is extremely important for artists as well. Jennifer, from Sugarland (lead singer) publishes a blog bi-weekly.

One conversation was whether or not Apple’s new Ping network will have any impact on musicians connecting with their fans. The consensus for now is that it’s too early to tell. While it already has 1 million followers, it’s still being developed.

The hottest topic was definitely whether or not celebrities should get a “pass” when it comes to engaging with their followers.

  • amoyal: I don;t get why celebrities get a pass in terms of real engagement You’re either in SM or you’re not
  • MackCollier: @amoyal Because scale comes into play when you are attempting to connect w a few dozen people vs a few million.
  • RLMadMan: @amoyal celebrities probably get a volume of response that are just not manageable. How do you talk to 5,000 people at once?
  • mazherabidi: Unreasonable to expect anyone with 500,000+ followers to reply. Impractical and insular outlook. Think of their twitstream!
  • ADMAVEN: @mazherabidi Someone with 500k fans should have a team of people handling the tweets. Quantity AND Quality
  • laurenkgray: @mazherabidi I don’t think people get pissed off they don’t get a response, they expect not to be responded to.
  • amoyal: @jonathansaar Then they’re using it as a channel and not for engagement
  • NicWirtz: @MackCollier I’ve seen some celebs, not with 5m followers, engage with audience. It is possible but needs team behind it.
  • pushingsocial: Does it seem that we are REALLY Twitter-centric? Engagement across platforms seems to make better sense