Key Takeaways from Women Who Tech Telesummit #wwt

Today, Allyson Kapin (@womenwhotech) organized her annual Women Who Tech Telesummit. It was an all-day event filled with great speakers and great topics. Given the current representation at most teleconferences is mostly men and only a few women, Allyson likes to flip the script and have mostly women as speakers.

My top takeaways from the day’s conference:

  1. Women need to stop trying to be perfect. Women have this tendency to want to be perfect, and to want to have all the answers before submitting themselves for speaking engagements, applying for jobs and other self promotion. Men tend to be more self-aggrandizing and willing to put themselves out there.
  2. Put your work out there, even if it’s still a work in progress. Amra Tareen from All Voices, Rashmi Sinha from Slideshare and Geoff Livingston of Zoetica put together an amazing panel on how to run a startup. Both Amra and Rashmi talked about how important it is to get your product out there as soon as possible. If you’re thinking about whether your product is ready for release, you’ve already waited too long.
  3. Men are not to blame for more women not being involved in tech conferences, but conference organizers are to blame for not looking for more diversity. There is still a huge gender and ethnic disparity at tech conferences. Conference organizers need to be doing more to encourage panel organizers to invite more women and people of color.
  4. Metrics are important, but they need to be the right metrics. Beth Kanter and Laura Vargas presented a great panel about Social Media ROI. I love what they had to say about making sure you were measuring the right items and also not spending more time measuring than you were in doing the actual work. Laura also had some really great things to say about measuring share of voice for your brand.

I’d love to hear what others thought were great takeaways from the day’s seminars.

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  • Jill Foster

    Thanks for the **fantastic** recaps and takeaways from last week’s #WWT. What a great event and after each year, the words “How can they be that great each year?!” keep coming out of my mouth. Really enjoyed your summaries here.

    • Thanks Jill! Loved the points you and Allyson made in the lightning round. I found it interesting that even in the backchannel conversation, there were some people talking about how they don’t feel like they can present without knowing all the answers to the questions.

      I’m still really thinking about where that switch happens between men and women. Why do most men react one way and most women react the other? And, how as a society do we address it?

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