Blogworld – Day 1 Recap – #bwe10

I have been looking forward to Blogworld for months, and Day 1 did not disappoint. I see two real benefits to coming to conferences like this – good content and extending online relationships to the online world. I had the benefit of doing both, and meeting some really cool new people along the way.

Opening Keynote – @unmarketing Blogworld 2010

You can see all my notes from the opening keynote here, and Scott did an amazing job kicking things off and getting people inspired. Bloggers need to be awesome and be passionate about what they are writing about. People don’t want to read “meh”. If you’re¬†phoning it in to your blog, just to get content up, people are going to notice and stop reading. Scott also shared a theme that I heard a couple of other times during the day – there are many “social media” platforms out there. Trying to be on all of them and have a significant presence is not going to help you achieve any results. Personally, and your business, need to choose a platform and make it work for you.

The Now Revolution – Jay Baer and Amber Naslund

Jay Baer and Amber Naslund have been writing a book called The Now Revolution that is filled with all sorts of awesome. It talks about the “7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter, and More Social.” Jay and Amber made a couple points that really stood out:

  • They echoed Scott’s theme and people need to find the platform that works for their business and focus their efforts on that instead of being spread out all over the place.
  • Businesses need to focus their social media efforts on awareness, sales or loyalty.
  • Jay made a strong case that customer retention is a more effective form of social media than customer acquisition.
  • Jay and Amber shared some really great case studies of Sweet Leaf Tea and ThinkGeek.

Each of the attendees got a preview copy of their book, and I’m looking forward to the real thing coming out.

We Run Your Culture

I took a little break after lunch to get some rest, and the first session I attended after the break was one called “We Run Your Culture”. My notes are here. The content of the session was interesting, but not at all what I was expecting from the brochure.

Keynote – Livestrong CEO

The final keynote of the day was Livestrong’s CEO – Doug Ulman. I love when non-profit guys can talk about business in a way that makes sense both to non-profits and to other business people. I was really inspired by what Doug had to say, fitting since Livestrong is all about hope and inspiration.

  • Both Livestrong and Nike originally thought that the yellow bracelet was going to flop. They thought they might sell a hundred thousand, but didn’t even think that would happen. The original idea was to have Just Do It on the bracelets for Nike branding. The Lance Armstrong Foundation had just launched the Livestrong website and agreed that would be better. The first 5,000 Livestrong bracelets made still had the swoosh logo on them, and then that was even taken off.
  • Livestrong just passed 1 million fans on their Facebook page. They primarily use Facebook as a platform for people to share their stories.
  • You lead with your mission, you serve people, you serve their lives, and the money will come.
  • There are certain people that Livestrong will never ask for many — those that come in through their hotlines looking for information about a cancer diagnosis. Even though they never ask, Livestrong still gets frequent donations from this group of people.

People, people, people

I met some really fantastic people, connecting with some people I already knew both online and offline, and can’t wait for Day 2 and Day 3.

Photo credit: (cc) Kenneth Yeung –¬†