BlogWorld – Day 2 Recap – #bwe10

After a fantastic Day 1 at BlogWorld Expo, I was really looking forward to Day 2. I was up early, which is odd for me, so I decided to go to the Social Media Examiner breakfast. I’m a big fan of the Social Media Examiner’s content, and I was looking forward to seeing a few people who said they were going to be there. I had an amazing breakfast with Bob and Judy Dunn of Cat’s Eye Marketing. I also finally got a chance to meet John Haydon.¬†¬†John and I have been Twitter pals for awhile, and he did some consulting work at my previous job, but this was the first time I had the opportunity to meet him in person.

The morning keynote on Friday was all about politics, and I had very little interest in that, so I decided to go hang out in the social media lounge. Me skipping sessions became somewhat of a trend for the day, and I definitely spent more time networking on Friday than learning. While in the social media lounge Friday morning, I got to meet @thelvtweetup, @MommyReporter and @assuranceagency.

After hanging out in the lounge for a bit, I headed over to the Cause track to hear about Using the Social Web to Fuel Real-World Social Action. Folks from the HandsOn Network, KaBOOM, Volunteer Spot and Crowdrise put together a really interesting panel involving real-world action and the lessons learned from those actions. While I wasn’t able to attend all of the Causes track session, Chris Noble from WhatGives did an excellent job putting together some fantastic panels. Some highlights from the session:

  • It’s easier to get people to get people to engage if you make it fun and interesting.
  • Engage people first before you make the ask. Will have a better response.
  • HandsOn sees a really high no-show rate for people that sign up to do things via Facebook.
  • When people see thank you they are more likely to do it the next time.
  • Game dynamic is great for mobilizing small groups – teams & rewards do actually help.

After the session, I was excited to meet two of my Care2 colleagues – Steve Johnston and Justin Perkins. Steve and I had an okay lunch and an excellent conversation. Lunch ran a bit long, and I was having electronic issues, so I missed what I heard later was a fantastic session with Heather Whaling.

After relaxing for a little bit and spending a little time in the exhibition lounge, I went to one of the final panels for the day in the Causes track. I had told John Haydon I would listen to him speak and not try and backchannel heckle him too badly. The folks from,, John and Renee Alexander (now with Unicef) did a great job talking about mobilization and online tools.

After the session, I was lucky enough to get to spend some one-on-one time with the fabulous Mr. Haydon. We hung out at the Starbucks in the Mandalay Bay, chatted over frappucino and tea and did some people watching.

Later that night, the plan was to go to dinner at the Noodle House with a bunch of folks from the Causes track. We started at the Noodle House, but then decided to head to the Omaha Steaks party at the House of Blues Foundation Club. The Omaha Steaks party was awesome. It almost felt like you weren’t in Vegas as it was an open air balcony. There was fantastic food and lots of good conversation.

Other than grabbing a quick bite to eat on my own later, that was the end of Day 2 at Blogworld.