Blogworld – Social Media and the C-Suite: Selling the Board Room – #bwe10

Jason Keath – @jakrose
Christopher Baccus – @cbaccus
Jaime Punishill – @jpunishill
Zena Weist – @zenaweist

  • Getting buy-in from social media
    • Having a different kind of perspective
    • Getting buy-in from mid-level managers
    • @zenaweist moved the conversation at H&R Block from marketing and back to fundamentals — went from team of 1 to team of 4.
    • @zenaweist team is working social media into everything the company does
    • @jpunishill – Citibank needed buy-in from someone senior in the organization who could translate it into something meaningful to the business.
    • @jpunishill – Need to show business impact of social media
  • How much is execution of social media a training issue or something else?
    • @cbaccus – It’s about listening to c-suite; finding who might support it and listening to that support
    • @cbaccus – find out the business objectives and make it a strategic implementation
  • @zenaweist – listening to customer wants; reducing customer churn is important to the boss. Finding out how to use social media to meet those goals. Plain talk metrics that every executive gets. Social media is “just another channel”
    • @jpunishill – Map out organization power flow and dynamics within organization. There’s no one right set of advocates or place to park social media.
  • How to weave social media throughout the organization
    • @zenaweist – Go to a lot of meetings during the day and do the social media work at night.
  • How do you build out a social media team.
    • @zenaweist – first used an outside agency to show what was needed. Have to find a champion.
    • @jpunishill – fight process with process
      • Put social media policy in place; build up steering committee; map out a structure for how the organization should work
  • How do you sustain social media?
    • @cbaccus – Make sure you have the metrics that show that social media is working
    • @zenaweist – Highlight conversations with customers and specifically ones that start out as a spark that could turn into a “social media fire” / crisis
    • @jpunishill – find the person that has the greatest “what’s in it for them” and get them to be your champion
    • @jpunishill – Convince the c-suite that you know the brand and you know what you’re talking about
    • @jpunishill – Don’t convince C-suite that they necessarily need to be using social media personally. Your CEO doesn’t need to be tweeting, but he needs to see the value of people in the company tweeting
  • @cbaccus – Can’t throw out customer service ladder. Only 7% of customers will talk on social media about their problems.
  • @jpunishill – Social media isn’t free and it isn’t “no work”
  • @jpunishill – Can’t trust an agency outside with your brand and your social media strategy
  • @zenaweist – Go deep in a couple of channels. Where are your customers? Where does it make sense?
  • @jpunishill – No single tool that helps with listening. Citibank was originally using Scout Labs — allowed a lightweight implementation that they could share with other business units.
  • @zenaweist – H&R uses Radian6; lots of free tools and filtering
  • @zenaweist – Customer service can be a great save.
  • @zenaweist – If H&R starts to see a trend in social media, they develop a script for their call centers because they know that same will show up there.
  • @jpunishill – Getting rid of the idea that because you’re engaging, you’re opening yourself up. The conversation was already happening. Need to show that.
  • @jpunishill – “Kids these days” have no filter between their thoughts and fingers (to Facebook, Twitter, etc.)