Blogworld – We Run Your Culture – #bwe10

  • David – Traditional media needs to decide what content is making and where they’re putting it. Television is going to be redefined to be more multi-media.
  • Kimberly – Traditional media needs to adapt. Breaking news online and then you see it later in the magazine. Incorporating blogs into their web presence.
  • Sheila – Many people that watch TV also have their computers with them. People are expecting interaction.
  • Manya – Use social media to supplement promotions. Still do paper flyers, magazines, billboards, etc. Huge shift to marketing budget. People are turning to their friends about events they might be interested in. Media backed by large dollars aren’t as trusted.


  • David – Going to have broader content and tighter niche content. Twitter will help reach and identify who the consumers *and* distributors are.
  • Kimberly – Use Twitter to livefeed from events to give fans the experience of being there. Adding another experience and connecting with their audience. Bloggers and social media are constantly changing the game.
  • Sheila – Twitter has been really helpful at promoting the smaller bands. Bands that are smart at using tools are good at making themselves seem larger.

Magazines that are doing it right

  • David – Fader & Cornerstone
  • Kimberly – Ok Player (a mall for music), Clutch magazine (women of color)
  • Sheila – Blind Eye for the Kid (combined the site, sending bloggers out to events, etc.)
  • Manya – Seven magazine

Is it important to get information out quick? How important is it to break story?

  • David – Sometimes being first is important. Depends on editorial content.
  • Kimberly – Quality over quantity. Even if they are not the first, focus more on the content.
  • Asya – Get the information out, a week later editorialize it.
  • Manya – Depends on your audience. If they are looking to discover new stuff, they are going to be more receptive to early reporting and discovery.

How do you get people to pay for culture content online?

  • David – Diversification (ads, sponsorship, events, premium content if your audience is willing to pay for it)
  • Kimberly – Average blog would be hard to get people to pay for content
  • Sheila – Be realistic about traffic. Having a lot of luck with paid experiences (fashion tour of New York). More sponsored content happening.
  • Asya – Sponsorship deals involve a lot of 360-degree type of things: events, banner ads, send out a blast, etc. You have to give a lot.
  • Manya – Buyer of media wants to see more – reports, metrics, etc. Want to see more niche and not just throw banners everywhere and hope they get seen. Leverage artist communities, etc.

What’s happening in next 3 years?

  • Manya – More interactivity. More branding. More crowd participation.
  • Sheila – Musicians locally to be on the same page