I Love When Companies Listen

Tech companies have to be innovative. We want leaders at tech companies to come up with the next new idea and to push things forward.

However, when existing companies get a little too innovative, they run the risk of upsetting existing users. It’s super important for companies to listen to their existing users and potentially dial things back.

I’m a huge fan of Facebook, both as a user and as a marketer using it as a platform. I’ve been frustrated in the past with some of the changes that they’ve made and that they weren’t listening to their users and marketing folks.

A couple of weeks ago, Facebook announced a huge batch of changes — most of those affected “Fan” pages. One of the biggest complaints from those that use Facebook as a marketing tool is that on the fan pages, Facebook was going to apply its “ranking alorithm” instead of allowing posts to appear chronologically. This was a disaster. Companies wanting to share their latest news on Facebook would have to compete with their own posts and hope that the news was seen by enough people to make it rise to the top.

Thankfully, there was enough of a backlash, and from advertisers that pay the Facebook bills, that Facebook announced last week that they have put in a few options. Page managers have always had the option to default and show everybody’s posts or just those posted by the brand. Now, Facebook page managers will also be able to choose whether to chronologically list items or have Facebook’s algorithm choose the top post.

To keep up-to-date on the latest Facebook changes, especially at it relates to small business and nonprofits, definitely keep an eye out on the Nonprofit Facebook Guy. They do a great job at highlighting all the latest changes at Facebook and providing videos to help your brand get the most out of Facebook.

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