Content Management Systems and Platforms – Panel – #IMS11

– Leon Fryer – OmniTi
– Tom Carter – Sitecore
– Joseph Wykes – Percussion Software

  • Your content management system needs to match your business processes. – Leon
  • Why are you in the cloud? Does it match what you’re trying to do. You can do content management in the cloud and the cloud does have benefits. – Tom
  • Step #1 is identifying your business needs. No two businesses are the same and the CMS out there are going to match different business needs. – Leon
  • What are all the pieces of this website that I need to work together, and which platforms out there work with all of those. – Tom
  • What is your definition of success for your business and your website? What tools are going to help you get there? – Joseph
  • You have to marketing and IT both sitting at the table. The platform needs to work for both groups. – Tom
  • There is more complexity now and there is going to be more. What happens if something happens tomorrow, and I’m not prepared for that? – Joseph
  • Requirements and complexity continue to grow and marketers shouldn’t need to rely on IT to go program it into CMS. – Joseph
  • Data is key. Personalization; behavior tracking; correlation between the users, etc. is more valuable than geographic or other demographic value. – Leon
  • Sitecore has analytics built in and can measure various analytics directly on the system. – Tom
  • Percussion has integrated Google Analytics into system, and allows users to not only see what happened, but why it happened. Analytics are tied in to CMS so you can see things like if a blog has driven traffic to the site. – Joseph
  • How can your CMS adjust for mobile / smartphones / tablets.