Social Media Birds of a Feather Session Recap #13ntc

There weren’t a lot of tweets coming out of the Social Media Birds of a Feather Session at the Nonprofit Technology Conference. One reason is because two of the leaders of the session – me & Chris Tuttle – were also two of the most prolific tweeters the past couple of days. Another reason is because we purposely set up the session to be small group discussions vs. a panel speaking to the room and those discussions were informative and lively.

The great thing about Birds of a Feather sessions at a conference like #13ntc is that attendees range from beginner to expert – people that have never Facebook, tweeted, or instagramed for their organization before to people that spend their entire day engaged in social media and have hundreds of thousands of fans that follow their nonprofit brand.

The table discussions talked about a wide variety of topics related to social media – social media strategy and policies, how to get the rest of your staff engaged on social media, how to integrate social media with your other multi-channel marketing and fundraising activities, and how to build relationships online with those that love your nonprofit.

I was super excited that we had Jon Dunn from Best Friends Animal Society in the room. Jon has done an amazing job in growing BFAS’ presence on social media and had some great things to share with his table.

Many of the discussions reaffirmed things that I really believe:

  • Social media is all about relationships — building relationships with your current donors (and potential donors) online; building relationships internally with other members of your organization to move your cause forward¬†
  • Nonprofits may not be raising huge amounts of money via social media, but social media is a way to move the conversation forward. It’s a way to help your donors share their passion about your organization with their networks and bring more exposure to your organization.
  • Giving people easy ways to share your message with others is a key factor in your organization’s social media success.

I really enjoyed being part of this session with John Haydon and Chris Tuttle and hope for more conversations like this at future conferences.