Be More “Conversational”

When I first joined Twitter, I spent a lot of time on Twitter chats. In addition to meeting a lot of interesting people and engaging in some great conversations, it also really balanced my Twitter feed. Over the course of a week, I had a fairly equal amount of tweets that were sharing links and content and “conversational” tweets.

My activity on Twitter chats has dropped significantly lately. There are a lot of reasons for that — mostly timing of chats and focus — but, the end result is that my Twitter stream drastically shifted to it feeling more like a “broadcast” channel and less of a conversational channel. That bugged me.

I had a great conversation with Chris Tuttle after our Birds of a Feather session at the Nonprofit Technology Conference and realized that I wasn’t following the type of advice that I would give to someone who asked me a similar question — how do I engage in more conversations on Twitter? The answer, start more conversations.

My goal since NTC has been to get at least one @mention per day. That may seem pretty low to someone with the follower count and number of tweets that I have, but I like to set realistic goals.

Every day, I’ve sought out conversations with folks. I’ve jumped in the middle of conversation threads where I’ve had something to say, I’ve replied to thank people for sharing content I appreciated, I’ve tweeted a fair amount from events I’ve attended, and overall I’ve just taken a very proactive approach to engaging in more conversations.

The end result is that there has only been one day since NTC when I haven’t received at least one @mention.

The bigger result is that I feel like I’m more engaged on Twitter and building relationships.