PodCamp Nashville: Connections Galore

PodCamp NashvilleAfter spending months being part of the crew helping plan and organize PodCamp Nashville, it was a relief to get it underway this past Saturday.

While the outside weather was a bit wet and gloomy, inside the Hotel Preston it was bright, clean and cheerful and an awesome new venue for the event.

My original plan for the day was to volunteer in the morning, do an impromptu session at mid-day and then try and catch a session or two in the afternoon before heading to the after-party. My plans went a bit awry, but not in a bad way.

I helped with lunch tickets from the time I arrived until my impromptu session. I had put together a slidedeck in the hopes of getting an open slot for the impromptu, and it was great to get one. I did a quick 30-minute presentation about how anyone can do A/B testing with their online marketing. You don’t need a complicated program to start — you just need a spreadsheet and some planning.

After the impromptu session, I checked in with the folks at the lobby and everything was running smoothly. I was a bit drained from speaking, so I chilled out for a bit and chatted with some of the other volunteers. When lunch was served, I went and grabbed my sandwich and had some awesome conversations with folks at lunch.

After lunch, I never made it to an actual session. Instead, I found myself in the lobby for the next few hours having fantastic conversations about marketing, nonprofits, Nashville, A/B testing, the ring Floyd Mayweather bought for his girlfriend, etc.

Once things started winding down, there were more conversations to be had and a few final goodbyes at the after party.

On Saturday & Sunday, I spent a bit of time creating Storify posts documenting each session group: