Don’t forget to say thank you

One of the biggest challenges with a day like #GivingTuesday or with holiday giving season in general is that you spend so much time preparing for the campaign and cheerleading for engagement and donations that when its over you just want to be done.

But, it’s important to complete the cycle and say thank you to your supporters.

Here are some of my favorite thank yous I saw after #GivingTuesday …

What I love about the MDA thank you is that its easily shareable on social media. It highlights what the thank you is for (#GivingTuesday) and it gives other ways to get involved and continue supporting MDA.

This is another one that I really loved. It highlights #GivingTuesday and also highlights the League of Women Voters in a great way.

So, this thank you is almost great. A) Everyone loves dogs and animal photos are hugely shareable. B) It says Thank You and talks about #GivingTuesday. However, the major bummer is they didn’t incorporate any of their own branding into the image and so as soon as someone shares it, it gets disconnected from the nonprofit that created it.