Charity: Water — Integrating Social Media & Email Marketing in their Holiday Campaign

Charity: Water always does an excellent job with their marketing, and their campaigns for the 2013 Holiday Season were certainly no exception.

In my opinion, one of the best ways to increase engagement with social media — which eventually may lead to donations — is to make sure that your messages that people are seeing on social media match what they are receiving in the email inboxes.

Charity: Water started out with a very simple message in early December. It’s message was straightforward and very clean to read.

Throughout the next couple of weeks, Charity Water sent out a series of messages highlighting each of the topics discussed in it’s first email. The little thumbnails that were in the message on December 12th became the centerpiece of new messages.

At the same time, Charity: Water shared the same image and message on their Facebook page.

Screenshot 2014-01-04 02.07.30

Charity: Water used these paired images throughout the holidays to integrate their social media and their email marketing efforts.

Their final message at end-of-year incorporated several of the images in one message. They used the same image on Facebook that day.

If you would like to see what other nonprofits used for their email marketing campaigns for the Holiday season and end-of-year, make sure to check out my Pinterest boards.