What I Accomplished in 2013 / Goals for 2014

I wanted to do a bit of a wrap-up post about 2013 and my plans for 2014, but I was a bit stuck … until I read this post by Chad Allen and it gave me the perfect framework of what I wanted to write.

What made me proud? 

What do I regret? 

  • Writing
    • Other than the Advents newsletter, I didn’t get any other guest blogs published. This was mostly due to me not having time to write any guest blogs.
    • We didn’t publish enough on the engageyourcause.com blog
    • This blog was mostly inactive this past year. It wasn’t until the end of the year that I started to post on this blog on a regular basis
  • Speaking engagements / conferences
    • I would have liked to have been on at least one other panel during 2013
    • I was planning on launching a local meetup for members of NTEN in Nashville, but that kept getting put on the back burner
  • Work
    • I felt at times throughout the year that I wasn’t as productive as I could be

What are my goals / plans for 2014? 

  • Speaking engagements / conferences
    • Launching Nashville’s NTC monthly meetup
    • Speaking at the 2014 Nonprofit Technology Conference (I’m going to be on a panel, and I’m waiting to hear if I will also be doing an Ignite session)
    • Get more involved in the Nashville AMA’s nonprofit group and possibly speak at one of their meetings
    • Speaking at either BarCamp Nashville or PodCamp Nashville (or both)
    • Be more actively involved in the Bridge Conference
    • Speak at the Blackbaud Conference in Nashville in the fall
  • Work
    • Continue to do awesome work for our clients
  • Writing
    • Create 2-3 posts on this blog per week
    • Write on a more regular basis for the engageyourcause.com blog
    • Generate more content from others for the engageyourcause.com blog
    • Guest post on at least 3 publications / blogs
  • Community
    • Continue to be active on online communities for those who work in nonprofits
    • Share examples of nonprofit work on Pinterest and other online sources

I plan on doing a similar post about my personal goals over on sueanne.me tomorrow.

  • Chad R. Allen

    Good stuff, Sue Anne! Looks like you’ve gain a lot of clarity from the process.