Gilbane – WCM as the Digital Marketing Hub

Ian Truscott — Gilbane Slides from Ian’s presentation Customers and Engagement Track The Opportunity When you have someone on your website, they have given their full consent for you to communicate with them or market to them. It’s your chance to engage, to persuade or to educate Chance is brief How do you make most[…]

Gilbane – How to Mold the Customer Experience

Panel: Melissa Casburn –┬áISITE Design Randy Woods –┬ánon-linear creations “You’ve just got to get me a couple of quick wins, so we can dive in.” Personas separate you from your users. Named users with personal characteristics Based on research Tied to segmentation strategy Start with your marketing group and who your target audiences really are[…]

Gilbane – Integrating External and Internal Social Efforts to Maximize Business Performance

Ken Efta – Allyis 180 consultants How to bring together external efforts (e.g., Li and Bernoff’s Groundswell) with internal Enterprise 2.0 efforts (e.g., McAfee and Hinchcliffe) Social Context and Social Fears AIIM study: 80% of employees searches for interformation are on the Internet [and not on the company intranet] Implicit that our intranet content isn’t[…]

Gilbane – Audience Engagement Frameworks Case Studies

Panel: Gert-Jan Schikker – Voetbal International Michael Fisher – Alterian Steven Alessi – American Greetings Interactive Gert-Jan Schikker – Voetbal International Voetbal International – Leading sports magazine in Holland Soccer is big business in Europe Publication started in 1965 Website started in 1997 Redesigned website in 2005 to allow for video and other editorial Huge[…]

Gilbane – Social Analytics: The Key to ROI in Enterprise Social Software?

Panel: JB Holston – NewsGator Rob Howard – Telligent Timothy Young – Socialcast Ben Kiker – Jive Software JB Holston – NewsGator Deployed on Enterprise basis Social Sites Social Sites 2010 Social Sites Tomoye Insights About People View key colleagues and social distance Discover experitise Identify the most influential contributors and connectors Receive recommendations on[…]

Gilbane – Content Metrics: Tools for Measuring ROI in Global Content Infrastructures

What are the tools and technologies available in the marketplace to help you define metrics. Moderator: Mary Laplante – Gilbane Group Metrics are important to measure and to understand where global content is going to impact the business. Formulas for measure are non-existent — you have to measure what’s relavant to your business. Measuring global[…]

Gilbane – Crafting Your Site to Drive Traffic and Improve Conversions

Panel: Richard Zwicky – Eightfold Logic Ed Hoffman – SLI Systems Sam Mefford – Avalon Consulting Moderator: Hadley Reynolds – IDC Hadley – Search has become strategic. “Businesses are swimming in a sea of search.” Search H2O – Text (keywords, related terms, popularity) and Data (click paths, transactions, social, geo/temporal, device type) 40-50% of all[…]

Gilbane Conference – Opening Keynote by Daniel Rasmus

Daniel W. Rasmus – The Future of Collaboration Visionaries believe that their version of the future is shared by everyone else Books: Management by Design and Listening to the Future Employee experience vs. customer experience – How many companies are spending time thinking about employee experience? One of the reason that Millenials are not loyal[…]